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You want more Insights into your LinkedIn Data.

Got it. In this article, I show you how LinkedIn’s paid plans look in comparison to the standard Free-Plan.

I will also introduce you to 1 viable LinkedIn Analytics alternative to get started for free.

LinkedIn Profile Views (Visitor Analytics)

When you view your LinkedIn profile stats on the free plan they will look something like that:



LinkedIn Engagement rate optimisation by LinkedIn Analytics Tool

How To Calculate The LinkedIn Engagement Rate

LinkedIn itself gives you no insights about the engagement rate of your posts. To find out how well your posts performs in this matter, you need to calculate the rate by yourself.

You can do this by simply dividing the number of engagements (links + comments + shares) by the impressions of a post. Take the result times 100 and you will get the engagement rate.

Get the percentage of people interacting with your post‍

To find the right stats for the calculation of the formula go to your post summary page and choose the post you want to analyze:



LinkedIn Profile Examples from — LinkedIn Analytics Tool

What Makes A Good LinkedIn Profile?

You want your LinkedIn Profile to make a good first impression? I understand. We will have a look at various examples as well as common pitfalls you want to avoid.

A good profile appearance is made out of different aspects:

  • It tells your personality (Pitch)
  • Adds credibility in you and your skills (Trust)
  • Shows what you can achieve for others (Offer)
  • Help you get found more often (LinkedIn SEO)
  • Get’s people to take action — aka. for you to do more business (Call-To-Action)‍

The Structure Of A Great Profile:

The Header



LinkedIn Dashboard Guide — how to find LinkedIn Analytics by

LinkedIn Dashboard For Individuals

The first topic we cover will be about the standard LinkedIn Dashboard, that is available to every user. You don’t need to have a premium account to access the data listed below.

The standard LinkedIn interface allows you to accumulate valuable insights. However, it can be tricky to navigate on the LinkedIn platform since the available data is nested pretty badly.

I have categorized the different topics based on what insight you get. Also, I will show you where to find the respective metrics.‍

Profile Analytics



LinkedIn Headline Examples from your LinkedIn Analytics Tool

Writing A Good Headline On LinkedIn

Is hard. Sometimes frustrating. I understand. You want to get it perfect…

In this article, I show you LinkedIn headlines that have proven to work for others. For this cause, I have curated a list of outstanding real-world headline examples. Before we start let us ask the question of what…



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